About Us.

Who We are

QUBE Seismic Technologies offers professional manpower consultancy services for companies in the oil and gas industry. We identify the needed manpower at the Clients’ structure and propose the provision of the competent manpower for Clients according to their defined needs and expectation. We have proven track records of supplying the highest standards of manpower needs. We currently providing manpower both local and expatriates to a number of oil companies to support and ensure prompt delivery of Seismic data acquisition projects and data processing.


Mission Statement

Our core mission is to be the leading company in Africa providing exploration and subsurface services that will help our clients in finding more oil and gas and optimizing drilling decisions using state-of-the-art technology. A burning, never-ending desire to help our clients maximize their outcomes — and exceed their strategic goals. Though our goal is a bit aspirational, our values are what drives us every day.

Vision Statement

Emerge as a leading QubeSeismic Technologies services player with global operations to deliver time-critical, quality data at competitive prices.

// ABOUT US //

Value Statement.

Our people.

Are the most dedicated and skilled workers in the country. We develop and nurture “homegrown” talent – the average tenure of a Qube Seismic employee is 20 years.

This allows us to pass down knowledge to each new generation and allows our employees to develop into masters of their craft through years of experience.

Our process.

Developed in close collaboration with our partners and clients, combines industry knowledge, decades of experience, ingenuity and adaptability to deliver excellence to our clients.


We have long-standing relationships with our clients and our partners – from engineers to craft specialists to financing and beyond. We’ve developed these relationships based on mutual respect and earned trust. We work only with trusted professional partners, all of whom are well-versed in Seismic surveys.


We pride ourselves as an excellent geophysical company with a wealth of experience, technological advancement, and competency in 2D, 3D, 4D acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data for oil exploration. Qube Seismic tech offers topographic surveys with GPS and RTK; tape transcription; digitization of hard copies of maps, seismic sections, into CGM, SEGY, and LAS formats; and third party quality checking for acquisition and processing.

Our diverse portfolio represents decades of experience backed by a passion for quality, outstanding client service and the latest industry technologies. Qube Seismic tech can work in the most difficult and varied terrains, namely, galloping swamp, mudflat. Transition zone and shallow offshore.

At Qube Seismic Technologies, we look at every assignment from the client’s point of view, then work closely with them to design parameters for optimum results. We believe that every job should be performed safely and correctly, on time within budget, without harming the environment. With those guidelines established we believe that even a handshake agreement can develop into-lasting, mutually successful business relationship. Through a constant commitment to our clients’ success, a continual improvement of our technology, and a healthy respect for the environment, we have cultivated and maintained alliances with many clients leading to long term relationships.