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we're QUBEseismictech company.

Having a dream of being a general contractor to build spectacular Seismic Project,we have one mission to be the best service provider in oil and mineral exploration in Nigeria.

Who we are

QUBESeismic Technologies is a wholly owned indigenous company devoted to serving Nigeria’s huge exploration market. Founded by seasoned Nigerian professionals who have worked in leading service companies combined with experience in leading exploration and production companies with deep knowledge of Nigerian/West Africa market, the company intends to contribute her own experience in the exploration industry leveraging all the Nigerian Content laws.

Mission Statement

At QUBESeismic Technologies, our mission is to be the leading company in Africa providing exploration and subsurface services that will help our clients in finding more oil and gas and optimizing drilling decisions using state-of-the-art technology.


At QUBESeismic Technologies, we look at every assignment from the client’s point of view, then work closely with them to design parameters for optimum results. We believe that every job should be performed safely and correctly, on time within budget, without harming the environment.
With those guidelines established we believe that even a handshake agreement can develop into-lasting, mutually successful business relationship. Through a constant commitment to our clients’ success, a continual improvement of our technology, and a healthy respect for the environment, we have cultivated and maintained alliances with many clients leading to long term relationships.

We are QUBESeismic Technologies Company.

QUBESeismic Technologies is built on three pillars: People, Process and Partnership.

  • our people.

    Are the most dedicated and skilled workers in the country. We develop and nurture “homegrown” talent – the average tenure of an QUBE-SEISMICtech  employee is 20 years – that allows us to pass down knowledge to each new generation, and allows our employees to develop into masters of their craft through years of experience.

  • our process.

    Developed in close collaboration with our partners and clients, combines industry knowledge, decades of experience, ingenuity and adaptability to deliver excellence to our clients.

  • partnership.

    We have longstanding relationships with our clients and our partners – from engineers to craft specialists to financing and beyond. We’ve developed these relationships based on mutual respect and earned trust. We work only with trusted professional partners, all of whom are well-versed in seismic and exploration studies.

We have one mission to be the Best Seismic Company in Nigeria and Africa. Find out more

company directors

 QUBEseismictech leadership team provides the vision that has propelled us from a small  Seismic survey company to a worldwide diversified leader in a remarkably short period of time.

Moses Okojevoh

Moses Okojevoh

Manager Community and Government Relations

Moses Okojevoh is a highly organized, dedicated and diplomatic Community/Public Rations Manager with over 20 (Twenty) Years of cognate experience. He has handled many project for indigenous company and IOC’s in…READMORE

Adeyemi Shoroye

Adeyemi Shoroye

Business Development Director

Adeyemi Shoroye has over 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. His career has progressed through many years in the oil and gas exploration industry. Straight out of youth service, he started his career in seismic exploration with…


Emmanuel Chika

Emmanuel Chika

Emmanuel Chika is a United Kingdom based dual British and Nigerian business director and professional business administrator with background in sales, marketing, client relations, new start-up business planning and… READMORE

Alphonsus Egwenomeh

Alphonsus Egwenomeh

Alphonsus Egwenomeh has three decades of experience in seismic industry Locally and internationally. Worked in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and India and a HND in Surveying and a PGD…READMORE